Bridge the gap between your dietary advice and patient eating habits. Improve their health outcomes, and help them live happier, healthier lives.


Bridge the gap

Our research has found that patients are craving guidance from their physicians when it comes to food, especially after being diagnosed with a chronic disease. Paper handouts and quick tips are not enough. With LighterPRO, you can effortlessly show your patients the abundance of delicious food they can enjoy to heal their bodies and rediscover how good health feels.


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Make an impact

Provide your patients and care team with a tool that’s easy to implement and use, a tool that monitors and motivates patients to stick to your dietary recommendations and experience real success under your guidance. A tool that drives success for individual patients and can help you scale the overall number of patients your medical team can help. Be a healthcare hero!


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Give them the yes, yes, yes plan

Too often patients learn from providers the no, no, no nutrition plan. They hear about the food they can’t eat. We help you provide the yes, yes, yes plan so patients know there is still an abundance of delicious food they can enjoy while they heal their bodies. With LighterPRO, you give patients new, personalized meal ideas each week, and keep them engaged with their health goals through customized communications.


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Watch the results

Knowing what patients are actually eating well is a key component of guiding them toward their overall health goals. Easily review food logs and monitor patient progress. You’ll be able to prove that your practice is driving real results in the lives of patients, thus improving patient health outcomes and overall satisfaction.


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