Easy-to-use software that generates personalized nutrition programs to bridge the gap between your dietary advice & their daily food choices.



Stay Connected

LighterPRO puts each nutrition program under your brand to keep you connected to your patients, members and clients.


Monitor Adherence

Patients can easily track their meals, and providers can quickly view all patient and client adherence information in one view. Best, LighterPRO is HIPAA compliant.

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Everything is Personalized

Patient’s personalized nutrition programs are based on their allergies, cooking skill, nutrient composition, time to cook, kitchen tools, and more. It only takes seconds to set up.


Offer Trusted Meal Ideas

We don’t scrape from the internet. Every recipe has been built or adapted in-house. Each meal plan draws from thousands of nutritionist-created plant-based recipes & you can add your own recipes for even more options.


Customize Each Diet

Pick what’s best for your patient from a variety of diet specific plans, such as Mediterranean, DASH, oil-free, low glycemic, etc.


Convenience is King

LighterPRO is convenient for everyone; providers and patients alike. Patients can easily create grocery lists based on their nutrition program, and get groceries delivered in 200+ markets via Amazon, Peapod, and Instacart.

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