Food as medicine works.

Enable your team of physicians, doctors and registered dietitians to drive more impact and improve patient health outcomes.


Close the gap

Changing behavior is hard. You and your team know this all too well. Your dietitian office sees hundreds of patients, but you are not always sure if a dietitian’s advice actually changes patient behavior. Empower your team to close that advice-into-behavior gap with an easy to use and scalable tool. LighterPRO is used by many well-known healthcare providers and is proven to drive behavioral change in patients.



Make an impact

Evidence-based nutrition has a proven impact on patient’s health outcomes and dramatically reduces healthcare costs. Enable your team of physicians, doctors, dietitians, and health coaches to save time while adding more value to your patient population. LighterPRO is highly scalable and easy (even fun) to use, creating a closer connection between your team and the patients, ensuring healthier outcomes.


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Watch the results

You are results-driven. You want to improve the health of your patient population and decrease the overall time and cost it takes to do that. What happens when a patient at your hospital receives a heart transplant, only to return later with high cholesterol? With LighterPRO your team can monitor what patients are eating, easily review food logs and ensure accountability. The results are positive behavioral change, increased patient satisfaction, and long term healthcare cost reductions.



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