Provide unique value to your clients with a branded, scalable and highly-personalized meal plan that bridges the gap between your food advice and your client’s eating habits.

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Close the gap

Changing eating habits is hard, but your clients rely on you to pave their path to success. LighterPRO enables you to provide that guidance by bridging the gap between your food advice and your client’s eating habits, and it’s easy and fun to use. Try it and watch the impressive results your clients get!



Make an impact

Creating a personalized meal plan that carefully considers each of your client’s lifestyles and taste preferences takes a lot of time. LighterPRO’s powerful features automate the meal planning work you, enabling you to grow your coaching practice and help more people reach their health goals.


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Let’s eat.

LighterPRO provides over 2,000 nutritionist-created and approved plant-based recipes that can be customized for your clients. It integrates with grocery delivery from Instacart, PeaPod and Amazon, making it super easy for your clients to get the ingredients needed to follow your food advice and cook their best meal ever. Got your own delicious recipes? You can easily add them. Nothing brings you closer to your clients than sharing a meal.


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Watch the results

Knowing what clients are actually eating is key to guiding them toward their goals. Easily review client food logs and monitor progress. Keep them engaged and accountable with automated messages that help them stay on track, remind them of their goals, and celebrate their success. You’ll also improve client satisfaction and increase (priceless) word-of-mouth referrals with a unique service that truly works.



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