Evidence-based nutrition interventions can dramatically improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

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Defining evidence-based nutrition

What patients should eat to improve health outcomes shouldn’t be based on hunches or media-fueled fads. Nutrition recommendations should be based on the best available research and blended with a deep understanding of each patient’s health condition and lifestyle. Food as medicine is about using food to help patients return to health, and stay healthy.


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Evidence-based nutrition can reduce diabetes risk by 50%.


The importance of food as medicine

Research shows that nutrition interventions can help prevent and even reverse chronic diseases. The costs associated with chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease run into the hundreds of billions of dollars annually and profoundly impact our healthcare system, economy, and quality of life. It’s simple: we could save over $100B by helping people eat better.

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Reduce the likelihood of a second cardiac event by 2x by eating healthy.


Impact on patients and clients

When a patient follows evidence-based nutrition recommendations from healthcare professionals, they experience improved health outcomes. For example, research shows that the nutrition approach outlined in Kaiser Permanente's 2013 Nutritional Update for Physicians reduces diabetes risk by 50%, lowers LDL as effectively as medication, reduces the likelihood of a second cardiac event by 2x, and reverses atherosclerosis. To drive better health outcomes, providers must combine nutrition recommendations with tools that facilitate sustainable behavior change.


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Evidence-based nutrition can reduce H

bA1c twice as effectively as traditional protocols.


Why LighterPRO?

LighterPRO bridges the gap between your dietary recommendations and patient eating habits. To be effective, nutrition guidance must be personalized, convenient, delicious, and scalable. Currently, healthcare providers lack the time and the tools needed to personalize and scale their own nutrition guidance for each life they touch. We can help.

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LDL can be lowered as effectively as medication with a healthy diet.


Is it for you?

We built LighterPRO to help you help your patients, whether you’re in private practice, a health clinic, or part of a health system. LighterPRO is already being used by lifestyle medicine centers, primary care practices, outpatient nutrition centers, cardiac rehab programs, telemedicine providers, food allergy clinics, employee health benefit programs, and more.