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Software + services to bridge the gap between your dietary recommendations & their eating habits.

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We’re here to help you.

We help heroes in healthcare bridge the gap between dietary advice & patient action. LighterPRO is used by a wide variety of providers, including health systems, payers, employee benefit providers, cardiologists, dietitians, health coaches, physicians, and others who want to prescribe food as medicine.

We also work with expert authors, filmmakers, world-class athletes, & some of the most influential thought leaders of our day. These people have the opportunity to influence the way hundreds of thousands eat and we help them have that positive impact through LighterLabeled.  

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Food is Powerful.


Food has the ability to harm or heal. For healthcare providers, evidence-based nutrition can dramatically improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and drive additional revenue. For thought leaders who have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands, helping your audience eat better can exponentially increase your positive impact on their lives. We’ve built products for both health care providers and influential thought leaders to help change lives.


Food as Medicine.

Evidence-based nutrition interventions can dramatically improve patient outcomes, reduce healthcare costs and drive additional revenue. Learn more about how food can be used to prevent and reverse disease to enable your people to feel their best.

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Smart Tech

The focus of our work is on building brilliant, HIPAA compliant technology that makes everything else seem easy. Our software generates personalized nutrition programs, that include meal planning, tracking and grocery delivery based on each person’s unique needs. It’s fun to use, and eliminates roadblocks to achieving better eating habits and improved health outcomes.


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Work with Experts

Our team is made up of compassionate nutrition experts, innovative technologists, experienced designers and business leaders who collaborate to help people eat better all over the world. We have deep expertise and a fierce drive to help the world eat better.

Have questions?

We are real people, who will really answer your emails or phone calls. Our goal is to help you help them. Please reach out to see how we might be useful.

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